There are multiple opportunities to help support our school's community and events! Check if your employer provides a donation to Cherrywood Home & School Association based on the number of hours that you've spent volunteering with us.

Cherrywood Home and School Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our non-profit tax ID# is 77-0392868.

For volunteer hours verification, email: hsc_info@cherrywoodhsc.org

Volunteer of the Month

Cherrywood Elementary is fortunate to have a very active and involved community. Many of our volunteers silently raise their hands to support the school in many ways - from the classroom to our special community events. Each month HSC would like to acknowledge the efforts and impact our volunteers make by highlighting their work and rewarding them with a Volunteer of the Month VIP parking pass. If you would like to nominate a parent, guardian, or community member who has made an outstanding contribution to our school, please contact the HSC volunteer coordinator at volunteer@cherrywoodhsc.org

Jai Srinivasan

Jai Srinivasan is currently a member of the Berryessa Union School District Board of Trustees and a dad of two Cherrywood alumni. He has been serving the community with Sierramont Middle School PTSA, North Valley Council PTA, and Berryessa Music Boosters. As a former President of HSC, he strived to create an environment of ownership and belonging, so the students and parents feel vested in the school community. Jai established the first movie night family event and added popular social events to Cherrywood like the back-to-school picnic, cultural fashion show, arts and crafts night, and Kona Ice day! Because of the success of these social events, more parents came forward to volunteer and help make our events even more memorable for our students and their families. Jai is being recognized as January's Volunteer of the Month not only for paving the way for HSC, but also for his continued dedication to our school by volunteering as part of Cherrywood's Safety Patrol team. We sat down with Jai for a quick Q & A:

  1. Q: Why did you decide to volunteer at school?

A: Cherrywood will always be close to my heart because I spent a lot of time at the school, being personally involved in the planning and execution of our social events. Prior to the pandemic, I was helping manage traffic at Sierramont Middle School. After schools reopened, I found out that our Cherrywood Safety Patrol team was not active anymore, and amazing parent volunteers like Nhu-y, Nam, and Sunny were helping manage the traffic during morning drop off. I felt that I could offer my help because of my experience at Sierramont, and also with my familiarity with the traffic flow at Cherrywood. Incidentally, my younger daughter, Anya, was a safety patrol officer when she was at Cherrywood.

  1. Q: What do you love most about being a volunteer?

A: Seeing the smiles on our children's faces. Getting a "good morning" or a "thank you" wave from our students is priceless.

  1. Q: What is the most challenging thing about volunteering?

A: To be able to find time in our busy schedules, and dedicate it for the benefit of our students and schools. Personally, I believe I have been very fortunate to have always had a very flexible schedule, and an understanding management at work who applaud and encourage all my volunteering efforts.

  1. Q: What is a favorite memory you have of volunteering?

A: There are lot of good memories. For e.g., it was always fun coordinating with everyone on all the "behind the scenes" activities to ensure that our the social events are successful. But I will always remember the one at the end of our cultural fashion show, when the children sang "It's a small world after all", and also used sign language along with it. It felt so good that our students put that much effort into learning it. It made the whole event that much more special.

  1. Q: What is an interesting fact about you that people don't know?

A: Thanks to my daughters, I have also started following K-Pop music. Some of favorite groups so far are BTS, TWICE, KARD, Blackpink, Red Velvet, Stray Kids, Seventeen, NCT 127, ATEEZ, ASTRO, and ITZY. I have attended concerts of BTS, TWICE, KARD, Seventeen, ATEEZ, and ASTRO. I have visited Seoul, and visited the locations of some of the famous K-Pop studios.

To read highlights of our previous volunteers:

Volunteer of the Month Newsletter

  • Vacant Board Positions

    • Executive Board (2 Year Commitment)

      • Vice President

    • Support Coordinators (2 Year Commitment)

      • Volunteer Coordinator

      • Marketing Coordinator (PR)

      • Events Coordinator

  • Classroom Parent Volunteers (School Year Commitment)

    • Volunteer for your child's classroom to help with various tasks such as:

      • Become a bridge between your child's teacher and your fellow classroom parents

      • Help create a schedule for classroom support during FOSS Implementation/Execution

      • Field Trips and Classroom Materials

      • Class Rep during SSC/HSC Meetings (1 time per month)

  • Parent Committees (Various Time Commitment)

    • (See descriptions above)

Getting Involved is as Easy As...

  1. Fill out the Cherrywood volunteer form here or below to let us know what type of involvement you're interested in.

  2. Look out for an introductory email from hsc_secretary@cherrywoodhsc.org

  3. Fill out the BUSD on-campus volunteer form & submit to the Cherrywood Elementary Office Secretary, along with TB clearance & proof of vaccination. (If signing up for any on-site volunteer opportunities.)

Volunteer FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

General Questions

Q: I want to know more about a certain committee, how do I find out?

A: You can email us at HSC_Secretary@cherrywoodhsc.org to find out more information at any time.

Q: When will I be assigned to my committee?

A: Be on the lookout for an email from HSC_Secretary@cherrywoodhsc.org upon completion of your application. We will notify you as early as possible.

Q: I am a new Parent Lead/Volunteer for a committee, where do I start?

A: Please make sure the prior lead/volunteer has handed off any documents or information you might need. Contact the HSC secretary to help set up a kick-off meeting with other committee members and Principal Choy (if needed).

Q: Do I need to take on a Parent Lead position on my own?

A: Absolutely NOT! Any committee position can be shared! Find a friend and serve together as co-leads or let us know if you would like to partner with someone and need help finding a co-leader. You can have a team as large or small as you would like. Many hands make for lighter work.

Q: Can I volunteer for more than one committee?

A: You can volunteer for as many committees as you are comfortable with.

Q: I am not comfortable having to interact with a lot of people. Are there still tasks I can do?

A: Let us know what you are comfortable with so we can work with you to meet your needs. There are several “behind the scenes” type roles that might be PERFECT for you.

Q: What if I sign up and then something happens so I can’t do the job?

A: Just let the HSC board members know as soon as possible and we will ensure you get help.

Q: What happens if there is no Parent Lead/Volunteer for an event or program?

A: If we do not have a lead/volunteer by the deadline, we will cancel the event or program. While this makes us all sad to think about having to cancel things, it is not sustainable for us to keep taking on more without the needed additional volunteers.

Q: Do I have to be a member of HSC to volunteer? Do I have to volunteer if I join HSC?

A: You do not have to join HSC to volunteer, nor do you have to volunteer if you join HSC. Becoming an HSC member will allow you to have a voice in our activities.

Q: How do I verify my volunteer hours for my employer?

A: Check with your employer for any volunteer verification forms. Note: There are companies that reward your volunteer hours with donation currency, which you can give to a charity of your choice.

Provide your employer with the following information

Non-profit Organization Name: Cherrywood Home and School Association

Non-profit tax ID #: 77-0392868

Address: 2550 Greengate Dr., San Jose, CA 95132

Contact Person for Verification: Nhu-y Nguyen, HSC President

Contact Email: HSC_info@cherrywoodhsc.org

Contact Phone: (408) 923-1915

Cultural Events Committees:

Q: What type of commitment are you expecting from parents?

A: Every cultural event available has a certain execution date. Volunteers are needed to begin planning the event 3-4 months prior (Planning Board) and execute the event (Prep and Day-of). Some parents may just want to be part of the planning portion, others may want to help on the day or prepare materials. It is up to the parent to decide and communicate how they will commit their time in the committee.

Year Round Parent Committees

Q: What type of commitment are you expecting from parents?

A: 1 school year commitment is requested of those interested in year round committees. However, we can work with you to determine any alternatives should you need any accommodation.

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