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HSC Executive Board

Nhu-y Nguyen 

HSC President

Hi Charger Families! I am mom of two - one is heading off to middle school and the other is a 5th grader in the Mandarin Immersion Program. I have been on the board for 7 years and stepping on shoulders of past Presidents to lead our HSC this upcoming school year. I am looking forward to collaborating with our board, volunteers, parents, and Cherrywood staff to bring fun events back on campus, as well as support the needs of our students and staff. Can't wait to meet you!

Jack Zhao 

HSC Vice President

Dear Cherrywood Families, I am delighted to introduce myself as a proud father of two remarkable children: Austin, a burgeoning 5th grader, and Julia, a lively 2nd grader. Both are flourishing within the enriching Mandarin Immersion program. Our family recently returned from a memorable journey to Australia, a voyage that is subtly captured in the treasured family photograph.

Upon reflecting on the past year, I am deeply appreciative of the collaborative efforts that enabled us to transform the children's kitchen into a vibrant space, all while adhering to a budget that highlighted the exceptional support of our generous sponsors. The impact of this endeavor on our students has been truly inspiring, underscoring the potential that can be realized when we unite as a community.

This year, I am profoundly honored to have received an invitation to join the Home and School Club (HSC) board. I make a sincere commitment to channel my energy, passion, and dedication towards spearheading projects that will undoubtedly enhance our children's educational experience to unprecedented heights. The forthcoming school year holds immense promise, and I stand resolute in my dedication to ensuring the thriving of every child. 

Emily Ho

HSC Treasurer

I am a mom of 3, a 8th grader at Piedmont Middle (alumni to Cherrywood), 5th grader and 3rd grader (both in the Cherrywood Mandarin Immersion program).  As Treasurer of the Cherrywood Home & School Club, I have seen the growth of our parent and teacher community over the last few years and I am so thankful for the generosity and support from all families. Looking forward to another great school year 2023-24! 

Jessica Quintero

HSC Secretary

I am the mom of 4th and 2nd grade girls in the Mandarin Immersion program. I was tricked, talked, into joining M.I.P.A.C. as their secretary in 2022, only to enjoy every moment of it. The camaraderie between parents and staff made me come back for more this school year, which led me to volunteer as the HSC Secretary on top of being the M.I.P.A.C. Secretary.

My greatest wish is to see HSC filled to the brim with parents who wish to volunteer alongside my fellow board members and I. This is the only way to see even greater things happen at Cherrywood. I can't wait to see this wish fulfilled in upcoming months. 

M.I.P.A.C. Board

The Mandarin Immersion Parent Advisory Committee (M.I.P.A.C.) guides and supports the development of the Mandarin Immersion program.  Parents and school administrators meet monthly to organize and propose events and activities that advance academic and Chinese cultural learning at Cherrywood. 

Lingkai Zuo

M.I.P.A.C. Chair

Hello! I am a father of two girls: 5th grader and a kindergartener.  I have been living in the Berryessa area for the last 12 years. I love being outdoors: running, camping, and backpacking. This past summer (2022), my family went camping four times. The visit to Glacier National Park is a great trip. Currently, I am working for Amazon Web Services. 

Sicen Liu

M.I.P.A.C. Vice Chair

I’m a mom of 2, one 5th grader and one 3rd grader, both in Mandarin Immersion program. I joined MIPAC as I wish to work with parents volunteers to support our teachers and continuously enhance the learning environment for our students. Last few years many great ideas came to life. Looking forward to see more magic in the new school year! 

Joy Ming Zhou

M.I.P.A.C. Secretary

Hi, I am a mother of two, one just graduated from Cherrywood MI class and one 4th grader in MI class. It is my 2nd year serving MIPAC, 6th year volunteering for Berryessa mandarin community. With years of experience in the financial industry, I have helped people achieve their financial goals. Hopefully, this coming school year together, we can enjoy another great school year! 

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