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HSC Executive Board 2024-2026

Rajvi Rivero 

HSC President

Hey there, I'm Rajvi Rivero, a Realtor and environmental engineer with a passion for making a positive impact in both the real estate industry and the community. As an Indian-American, I bring the vibrant colors of my culture and the warmth of Hindi to our diverse community.

When I'm not hustling in the real estate world, I'm a proud mom to two amazing girls.  We love diving into books, cranking up the music, busting out some dance moves, and meeting new friends along the way.  I've always been outgoing and love connecting with people.  

I'm all about creating a welcoming space where every family feels at home.   Whether it's through a good read, a catchy tune, or a fun dance party, I believe in celebrating the unique flavors that each family brings to our school.

Cheers to bringing positive vibes, embracing our differences, and making our school community shine.  I'm your biggest supporter!  Follow me @that_bayarea_lifestyle

Khanh Vuong 

HSC Vice President

Hello Chargers!!! I am a mom of two. One in preschool and one in 1st grade in Mandarin Immersion Program. As VP of HSC, I'm looking forward to working with everyone in order to support our teachers and bring fun events to make it a great and fulfilling school year for everyone! 

Henry Kwong

HSC Treasurer


Emily Ho

HSC Co-Secretary

I am a mom of 3, a 9th grader at Piedmont High (alumni to Cherrywood), 6th grader and 4th grader (both in the Mandarin Immersion program).  Formerly Treasurer at Cherrywood for the last six years, I’m excited to take the new role of Co-Secretary of the Cherrywood Home & School Club with our all time favorite super volunteer, Phuong! I have seen the growth of our parent and teacher community over the last few years and I can’t wait to see the amazing things we will do together in the next school year! 

Phuong Nguyen

HSC Co-Secretary

Hello Cherrywood families!  For those that may not know me or have not been voluntold by me (yet), I'm the loud goofy Vietnamese mom of sassy second and fourth graders in the MI Program. I started volunteering with MIPAC when my eldest was in Kinder doing little things at home to help the school during the pandemic.  When in-person resumed, I wanted to make sure students had opportunities to socialize and have fun at school so I started Children's Day with other moms.  Children's Day led to Welcome Committee and then I went down the rabbit hole from there.  I'm now known as the volunteer wrangler, voice of HSC Bloomz and web, shadow support and gap filler for all things HSC.  I find joy in developing new programs/services, creating fun memories at school, and helping to make a difference in our student's lives.  My motto is "let's get it done!" 

M.I.P.A.C. Board

The Mandarin Immersion Parent Advisory Committee (M.I.P.A.C.) guides and supports the development of the Mandarin Immersion program.  Parents and school administrators meet monthly to organize and propose events and activities that advance academic and Chinese cultural learning at Cherrywood. 

Lingkai Zuo

M.I.P.A.C. Chair

Hello! I am a father of two girls: 5th grader and a kindergartener.  I have been living in the Berryessa area for the last 12 years. I love being outdoors: running, camping, and backpacking. My family loves to go camping. The visit to Glacier National Park is a great trip. Currently, I am working for Amazon Web Services. 

Con Lam

M.I.P.A.C. VIce Chair

Hello.  I am a proud father of a soon to be first grader at Cherrywood.  I have observed the tremendous impact the Mandarin Immersion Program had with his English and his willingness to befriend non-Mandarin speaking kids.  I hope more families will benefit from the great program.  I hope to contribute to the continual success of the program. 

Sicen Liu

M.I.P.A.C. Secretary

I’m a mom of 2, one 6th grader and one 4th grader, both in Mandarin Immersion program. I joined MIPAC as I wish to work with parents volunteers to support our teachers and continuously enhance the learning environment for our students. Last few years many great ideas came to life. Looking forward to see more magic in the new school year! 

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